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Integrative Anthropological Sciences

My work focuses broadly on evolutionary applications to human health and disease. Topics include: evolution, genomics, comparative biology, phylogenetics, evolutionary medicine, maternal-fetal conflict, life history theory, and cancer. 

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Steven Gaulin
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  • 2014-2015 Academic Senate Distinguished Teacher

Integrative Anthropological Sciences, with special interests in evolutionary psychology, cognitive adaptations, the human voice, sexual selection, evolution of sex differences, lipid metabolism and brain evolution.


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Integrative Anthropological Sciences (behavioral ecology, evolutionary medicine, human biology, biodemography, hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists, life history theory, indigenous health; Bolivia, Paraguay)

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  • Dean of Social Sciences
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Sociocultural Anthropology (Political anthropology of Latin America, Black and Indigenous autonomy, activist research methods, critical race theory.)

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Sociocultural Anthropology (environmental anthropology; ethnography; agriculture, land change and deforestation; Latin America; Brazilian Amazon)

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  • Professor

Archaeology (Environmental Archaeology and Human Behavioral Ecology)

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  • Associate Professor; Graduate Advisor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (behavioural ecology, evolutionary demography, global health, the family, parental care, marriage, sexual conflict, gender equality; Tanzania)

  • Associate Professor

Archaeology. Mediterranean and European prehistory; environmental archaeology; origins and spread of agriculture and animal husbandry; behavioral ecology, landscape evolution and biodiversity; faunal and ceramic analysis

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  • Mediterranean Prehistory and Paleoecology Laboratory
  • Assistant Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology

(indigenous studies, gender & sexuality, race & racism, development, migration, Mexico)

Elana Resnick with arms crossed, drawing in the background
  • Assistant Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (environmental politics, waste, urban infrastructure, racialization, nuclear energy, labor, socialism/postsocialism, European Union, Bulgaria)

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  • Director Institute for Social
  • Behavioral & Economic Research

Archaeology (archaeology of Egypt and Nubia [the Sudan], ethnicity, culture contact and imperialism, entanglement, secondary state formation, ideology and legitimization, funerary practice, ceramics and residue analysis)

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  • Assistant Professor

Integrative Anthropological Studies 


I am a behavioral ecologist and evolutionary primatologist with a research focus on the links between sociality, health, and biological fitness in human and non-human primates. My work integrates evolutionary biology, animal behavior, sociology, and public health, and tackles questions by pairing behavioral, ecological, and biomarker data. Active research topics include 1) costs and benefits of social ties at different stages of the life course, 2) social and environmental influences on energetics and immunity, and 3) drivers of changes in social strategies and profiles with age.



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John Tooby
  • Distinguished Professor

Integrative Anthropological Sciences (evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology; social psychology, economics, hominid-behavioral evolution, behavioral ecology, evolutionary genetics)

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  • Professor

Archaeology (paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology; Mesoamerica, southeastern United States)

  • Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology (political economy, Mexico-United States borderlands, water, commodities, history, materialisms)

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  • Professor
  • Department Chair

Archaeology (emergent complexity, identity politics, warfare; Eastern North America, particularly the Mississippi valley and interior southeastern United States)

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