Department Travel Procedures & Information 

 If you are traveling for field work, please fill out the Google Form linked below **This is REQUIRED**

Further Information & Checklists

Hiring Students

Please complete and submit to the Graduate or Undergraduate Program Coordinator a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the employment start date. Note New Form!

Create New or Modify Existing Courses

Please allow approximately 2 full academic quarters (at least 6 months) for the CourseDog approval process. Please complete and submit to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Deadlines: for Fall quarter courses, November 1st of the prior academic year; for Winter, April 1st of the prior year; for Spring, September 1st of the prior year, and for Summer, November 1st of the previous year. Note New Form!

Internet Access

For hardwired internet access in offices/labs, please submit your network request to LSIT online at You can use the form to the gather the information you'll need.


Posting Office Hours
All instructors and TAs must post office hours each quarter.


Expense Reimbursement: CONCUR               

CONCUR log in

Concur is our new campus standard for expense reimbursement processing so that we can benefit from functionality that will:

  • Streamline Travel/Entertainment/Business expense reimbursement process
  • Provide tools for expense pre-authorization
  • Support approval workflow routing, expense item capture, and expense report creation for end-users
  • Enable receipt image capture
  • Improve user experience and overall visibility into the expense reimbursement process.
  • Please see Getting Started with Concur for information on how to utilize the system.This is a dynamic page and is updated periodically


Department Members: Feel free to use these forms to organize your information prior to initiating a request in Concur:

Department Members: Please use these forms when applicable and attach to your Concur report:


Department Guests: please use these forms to submit to Department Staff with documentation:


Department Maintenance & Work Requests

 If you are a Anth Dept member who needs maintenance on a room in HSSB, please fill out this Work Request Google Form. The Financial Coordinator will review your request and submit it to Facilities. Note: This form should NOT be used for emergencies!