Hiring Students

Please complete and submit to the Graduate or Undergraduate Program Assistant a minimum of 3 weeks prior to employment start date. Note New Form!


Create New or Modify Existing Courses

Please allow approximately 2 full academic quarters (at least 6 months) for the Master Course Approval (MCA) process. Please complete and submit to the Undergraduate Program Assistant. Deadlines: for Fall quarter courses, November 1st of the prior academic year; for Winter, April 1st of the prior year; for Spring, July 1st of the prior year.


Internet Access

For hardwired internet access in offices/labs, please submit your network request to LSIT online at You can use the form to the gather the information you'll need.


Posting Office Hours
All instructors and TAs must post office hours each quarter.


Please complete and submit to the Financial Assistant with original receipts if appropriate.