Amy Boddy

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HSSB 2045
Boddy Lab: HSSB 2041


Integrative Anthropological Sciences

My work focuses broadly on evolutionary applications to human health and disease. Topics include: evolution, genomics, comparative biology, phylogenetics, evolutionary medicine, maternal-fetal conflict, life history theory, and cancer. 


PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Wayne State University School of Medicine


I am a human biologist and evolutionary theorist with an interest in applying evolutionary and ecological theory to human health and disease. My work is multidisciplinary and uses a combination of genomics, comparative biology, and evolutionary theory to understand life history trade-offs between survival and reproduction across different levels of biological organization. Active research topics include (1) Comparative oncology and the evolution of cancer defenses across the tree of life; (2) Life history trade-offs in cancer, with a focus on early life adversity and cancer outcomes, and (3) Maternal-fetal conflict in maternal health, including studies on microchimerism and maternal tolerance during pregnancy, the immunology of breastfeeding, and maternal health and behavior postpartum.


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