Lecturers, Visitors and PostDocs

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Lecturer
Lecturer in Anthropology & Environmental Studies
(Summer Sessions)
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Archaeology
  • Human ecology & evolution
  • Conflict
  • Farming
  • Settlement & abandonment
  • Risk
  • Quantitative methods
  • Environmental modeling
  • Peru
  • Colorado Plateau
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Continuing Lecturer

State and Racial Formation, Mestizaje,  Nation,  Race and Ethnic Relations, Indigenous,  Afro-descendants and Mestizo Population,  Anti-Racism, Mexico and Latin America. 

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

population health science; evolutionary anthropology; family demography; life course transitions; reproductive decision making; reproductive health; Tanzania

  • Lecturer

Sociocultural Anthropology

  • Lecturer

 Japan and East Asia; Migration; Youth, Young Adults and Inter-generational Relations; Social and Female Entrepreneurship; Social Construction of Place, Space, Gender and Race; Inequality; Food Insecurity; Transnationalism