Manuel Carlos

Professor Emeritus


Political anthropology; Latin America


PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara


Currently, Professor Carlos is Founding Faculty and Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Since 1999, Carlos has been engaged for several months each year on research in the states of Queretaro and Jalisco, Mexico. This work is focused on the impact of global economy on the formation of transnational peasant cultures. Carlos is also interested in visual anthropology and multimedia applications in ethnographic reporting. He recently completed (in May 2001), with two of his students, a photo exhibit entitled "Globalization in La Tortuga: The Impact of Globalization on a Mexican Peasant Community in Queretaro, Mexico." He is using multimedia materials (photos, video, audio, and text) gathered in La Tortuga to construct an interactive multimedia ethnography of "La Tortuga." This will be one of the first experimental multimedia ethnographies used in reporting and interpreting field research findings.

For over ten years, Carlos has been involved in and directed a long-term ethnographic research project in Mexico known as the Queretaro Research Project. The work has been carried out every summer since 1989. He and his associates, from the University of Queretaro and other US universities, are completing a compendium of research that has been carried out since 1989 when the project began. The compendium is entitled, " Compendium of the Queretaro Research Project: Results of a Collaborative Binational Ethnographic Research Program, 1989-2001. "(Memorias del Proyecto Queretaro: Resultados de un Programa de Investigacion Etnografico Colaborativo Bi-Nacional, 1989-2001). Carlos has a long standing interest
in political anthropology and the workings of the state in shaping cultures and economies in peasant society. He is working on a field research based monograph on State-peasant community negotiations and contesting over the implementation of agrarian reform programs and laws in Mexico.