Joseph Kilgallen

Graduate Student


Integrative Anthropological Sciences

  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Gender Norms
  • Women's Empowerment


Sept 2019 - PhD in Anthropology (Current GPA: 4.0.)
Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.

May 2017 Leadership Studies Graduate, Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.6
University of Richmond, Richmond, VA.


I am broadly interested in human behavioural ecology, with specific research interests in sexual conflict and gender norms. To date, I have worked primarily in East Africa (Uganda and Tanzania), and Latin America (Bolivia and Nicaragua) on a variety of projects relating to family life, health, and livelihoods. As a graduate student in integrative anthropological sciences, I am now working to apply anthropological theory to better understand shifting gender relations in Northern Tanzania.


Kilgallen JA, Schaffnit SB, Kumogola Y, Galura A, Urassa M. Lawson DW (2021). Positive correlation between women’s status and intimate partner violence suggests violence backlash in Mwanza, Tanzania. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
Lawson DW, Schaffnit SB, Kilgallen JA, Kumogola Y, Galura A & Urassa M. (2021). He for She? Variation and exaggeration in men’s support for women’s empowerment in northern Tanzania. Evolutionary Human Sciences. 3: E27.
Kilgallen JA, Lawson DW, Schaffnit SB, Kumogola Y, Chen, Z, Urassa M. (in prep). Norm internalization or mismeasurement: Are women truly more accepting of intimate partner violence than men?
Chen Z, Kilgallen JA, Urassa M, Schaffnit SB, Kumogola Y, Lawson, DW. (in prep). What other men want: the accuracy of gender norm perception among Tanzanian men.


2022-23 Teaching Assistant, Evolutionary Medicine, UCSB.
2021-23 Teaching Assistant, Honors Seminar: Understanding Men’s Support for Gender Equality, UCSB.
2020-22 Teaching Assistant, Behavioural Ecology of the Family, UCSB.
2020-23 Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, UCSB.