Undergrad Chris Turner Wins NSF Award for Graduate Studies

Chris was born and raised in Scotland. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 19, working in a summer camp for disabled children in Connecticut. At the age of 26, Chris joined the military as a US Army Medic and Paratrooper deploying twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. On his first deployment to Iraq, he was awarded the Purple Heart and Army Commendation medal with Valor after his vehicle was ambushed. After spending 10 years in the United States Army Chris went back to school and found anthropology at Antelope Valley Community College. In 2016, he transferred to UCSB where he continued his work in anthropology studying PTSD and its evolutionary roots. However, it was Chris’s connection with the military and upholding the oath he took when he joined to never leave a fallen comrade that would lead him to his main focus of Forensic Anthropology. Upon the completion of his degree at UCSB in biological anthropology in Spring 2018, Chris will be attending University of Southern Florida for a Master’s in Applied Anthropology focusing on Forensic Anthropology leading to a PhD in this specific field. Chris was recently awarded a three-year fellowship with the National Science Foundation to continue his studies in Anthropology. The fellowship will allow Chris to build towards his final goal of repatriating fallen service members in foreign wars. Chris, his wife, and son are expecting the birth of their 2nd child, another son, in August.